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Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament Game Thread: Day 1

You have found the 2010 Tourney Coverage. 2012 Tournament coverage is also available. Check the front page HERE for today's coverage!



Back by popular demand, the MN State Boys High School Hockey Tourny open thread. Enjoy the games all.

I'm sure Nathan and I will be around. May not participate in the conversation much, but we are around. Let us know if you need anything. Pop and pizza are available. Just open your phone book to "P" for Pizza. For those of you under the age of 25, a "phone book" is an old version of... oh never mind.

Enjoy the games.

Bracket for Class A is here.

Bracket for Class AA is here.

Today's schedule:

11:00 am - #2 Mahtomedi H.S. (23-5-0) vs. Alexandria H.S. (21-6-1)

1:00 pm - #3 Hermantown H.S. (25-3-0) vs. Virginia/Mt. Iron-Buhl (18-7-3)

6:00 pm - #1 Breck School (26-2-0) vs. New Ulm H.S. (16-9-1)

8:00 pm - #4 Warroad H.S. (24-4-0) vs. Rochester Lourdes H.S. (17-8-3)

Interested in Webcast? Take a look, but I don't think it's free. EDIT: I lied. It looks like it is free. NICE!