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Boogaard vs King: A Strange Debate

Alright, I watched this game. I did not watch the whole thing, as I mentioned in the gamer, but I watched the vast majority of it, including the entire first period. At the 3:58 mark, DJ King and Derek Boogaard dropped the gloves in the corner. It was expected, and even mentioned several times on Twitter that this would be a likely match.

I saw it. I thought it was a pretty good fight. I've seen much better, and I have seen much worse. Boogey landed several good punches, including the one featured in the gamer, and on this post, that sent King's helmet flying. King landed what looks like one good punch that bloodied Boogaard's nose, and Boogaard did not return to the game. There is no reason given as of yet.

Then, I spent the rest of my day reading about how Boogaard is disrespectful and got "pummeled" by King. I'm not sure what fight everyone else was watching, but they didn't see what I saw. Make the jump, and let's take a look.

First, here is the video, from the Saint Louis feed:

Notice how the camera stays in the corner while Boogaard and King skate off frame. What happened next seems to me lost on many people, at least from the comments I have seen coming from across the web.

Here is the Minnesota feed:

So, King wants to draw Boogaard out to center ice for some reason. I wish that some reporter would ask him why, but Boogaard just squared off and basically gave him the "Bring it" look. Then, King finally made his way back to the fight he picked, and Boogaard landed several punches. Toward the end of the fight, you will see Boogaard's nose is bleeding, and the blood is all over after being allowed to flow freely while continuing to fight.

Before I go much further, I would like to introduce a couple quotes to the mix:

From Cam Janssen, oh he of the utmost respect for his fellow hockey players, had this to say (via Stensaas and the Saint Louis Dispatch):

"I give him all the respect in the world . . . he's a big guy and he's one of the toughest in the league by far," Janssen said. "But he doesn't have much respect for anybody else, the way he squares off. He showboats himself. I don't think he gave 'Kinger' the respect that he needed. Kinger caught him with a good one and now Boogaard is rearranging his face tonight . . . that's what he gets for not having any respect."

I'll get to this in just a second, but here is a the line from Rotoworld, a fantasy sports site:

Derek Boogaard left Sunday's game after being pummeled by St. Louis's D.J. King.

Pummeled? King got in one lucky punch. One. He did not pummel Boogaard. I've seen pummelings, this wasn't one. I've even seen Boogaard get beat, but he did not get beat today. DJ King got a evening snack of Boogey fists, and King landed the luckiest shot of his life.

Now, let's get back to Jansen's comments. Some video to tell you a little bit about just who Cam Jansen is:

Oh, he was hit with a five game suspension for that one. But wait, there's more. Because we all know the level of respect it takes to plow over a goalie.

Yeah, Cam. You're the utmost expert on respect, right? Boogaard dropped with King and King skated to center ice. He was either one, trying to run away, or two, trying to showboat by trying to fight at center ice. Or perhaps King wanted to fight on the Wild logo, Terrell Owens style? We'll never know, but Boogaard is the showboat in this? Because he wasn't going to chase King all over the ice?

As for Boogaard rearranging his face, you, sir, do not know the extent of the injury, do you? I'm guessing if the Star Trib doesn't that Cam Jansen doesn't. Maybe Boogaard was taken out of the game, but that likely wasn't his choice. Maybe he broke his hand punching King's helmet. The point is, Jansen doesn't know, but hey, why not spout off like Matt Cooke?

If my quick search is correct, Mr. Jansen, you have yet to square off with Boogaard. Why don't you reserve comment until you do?

As for you rotoworld? Why don't you stick to reporting the starting the goalies and leave the commentary to people who actually watched the game? Thanks.

What say you, Wilderness?