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Wilderness Walk for 3-17-2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Or, as it is known in 99.9% of the world, Get Drunk for Absolutely No Reason Day. Of course, Timberwolves fans (all 12 of them) have a pretty good reason to drink today.

Pretty straight forward walk today. None of my information gathering sources resulted in anything overly different, useful, or fun today. Damn if that'll stop me, though.

Random Wild Picture of the Day:


I suspect all of you ran out and bought one of these, right? You can't possibly be a "real" fan if you didn't.

Gamers and More:

Centers at attention after latest acquisition | - I would not want to be a center for the Wild not named Koivu today.

Wild 4, Edmonton Oilers 2; Wellman NHL debut on hold; Wild signs Hackett | - Post game Rants from Russo. Good stuff, as always.

GM Fletcher is the difference-maker in landing Wellman | - I haven't decided if we should all start calling him Mr. Fletcher or not. That really was the highlight of my night.

Wild stays on a roll with third straight win, 4-2 over Edmonton Oilers - - Gamer form Bruce Brothers. Pretty dry stuff, but have at it.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 3-16-10: Bs win, dodge bullet - Kari Lehtonen had 45 saves? Huh. Well done.

No game today folks, and the next two are not televised unless you have Center Ice or Game Center Live. So, unless that is the case, enjoy watching the Timberwolves: