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Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames

According to Four Square on Twitter, Nathan is at Babies R Us right now, so I will throw a quick game thread together. Always good to have a twitter feed to keep track of that guy, he's elusive.

Minnesota_wild_logo_medium vs Flames_logo_medium

For enemy perspective, drive to Calgary. I kid, I kid. Visit Matchsticks and Gasoline

As for this game, I'm not sure how many fans care if the Wild win or lose at this point. It seems to be more about getting the young guys some TOI, and trying to re-learn the system. Hopefully the Wild can keep from embarrassing themselves too bad.

Five Questions to Answer:

1. Jarome Iginla. The man, the myth, the legend. Can the Wild limit him to under ten points?

2. Guillaume Latendresse is without a goal in the past three games, and pointless in the last two. Can he get back on the board?

3. Casey Wellman has yet to experience a division rivalry. Does he get in the game, and does he show off his skills again?

4. Greg Zanon has a broken right ankle. Broken, people, as in, busted. He said "We'll see how it is on Sunday." Does superman heal miraculously and play today, or does the medical staff tell him he can't go?

5. Looks like Backstrom in net after missing a handful of games. Does he play well, or will he be rusty?

Bonus Buddha Question:

6. Does my distaste for the Wings outweigh my allegiance to the Wild? In other words, do I really want the Flames to lose today, thus helping the Wings make the playoffs?

Enjoy the game. Hopefully Nathan got something pretty at the store. ;-)