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Wilderness Walk for 3-27-2010

A quick thank you to those of you that showed up to the Hockey Wilderness Tweetup. It was truly an honor to meet SpaethCo, MBennett, & @chicksgiveapuck in their human form. We had wide ranging conversation about hockey, the dangers of Di-Hydrogen Oxide, and gave away some sweet NHL wristbands to unsuspecting strangers. The Minneapolis police department did not seem to enjoy the wristbands as much as we did, but hey, to each their own.

Big, huge, mad thanks to Nathan for covering the tab and for hosting the event. It was not the turnout we had hoped for, but it was a damn good time. For those of you that missed it... HA HA!

On to the walk.

Gamers and More:

Harding gives it a go, but Wings deliver pain | - Russo's gamer

Detroit Red Wings 6, Wild 2; Harding, Kobasew injured; Legal vs. illegal hit video | - Post game rant. Some interesting quotes from Harding. Have to agree with Russo here. Not sure why hurt players are still playing right now.

Minnesota Wild no match for hot Wings in Detroit - - See what they did there, "hot" wings. Oh, Pioneer Press...

Koivu frustrated by injury - - I can imagine he is, but it's time for him to rest. Call up Almond and put Mikko on IR for the rest of the season. Then, put Backs and Harding on there too, call up Borat and Dubie. Add Zanon to the list and call up Noreau. Anyone who gets so much as a hang nail shouild immediately be replaced in the line up by a call up. Make it happen, Fletch.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Friday night results - There were indeed other games in the NHL last night. Interesting.


For those who have not seen this, it is the video sent out by the NHL showing the difference between a legal hit to the head and an illegal hit to the head. Oh, wait, the video that shows the difference between a suspendable hit to the head and a non-suspendable hit to the head. No? Oh, maybe it's the video that explains what "back pressure" is. Or, maybe it is the video that explains the chicken-sh*t rule that the NHL instituted rather than actually taking a stand on an issue.

Trust me, this rule has more loop-holes than political party contribution laws, but hey, if the NHL network says it will reduce the number of head injuries, it must be true. After all, "I know it's true, oh so true, 'cause I saw it on TV."

So, another day, another walk completed. Enjoy your day, folks.