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Wilderness Walk for 3-29-2010

A couple things right off the get go.

1. Happy birthday to two of my oldest friends, Chris & Angie. Happy brithday you old coots.

2. Big, huge, mad congrats to the Minnesota Whitecaps on winning the Clarkson Cup. You want to see true love of the game, check out this league. These women PAY $1000 a year for the privilege. Seriously. Congratulations!

On to the walk.

Wild News:

When the Minnesota Wild need a goal, young Guillaume Latendresse steps up -
 - Why do I put the Pioneer Press article first? Well, we all know I have a big issue with, shall we say, "not so solid" reporting. Please, read. More on this article in the next post.

As injuries mount, Wild GM seeks fix | - Fletcher wants to reduce injuries. I'm not sure how that happens, but what Fletch wants, Fletch gets. Should be interesting to see what changes.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Sunday's NHL action: West race maybe not over yet - Remember, KiPA gets to actually watch his team perform in the playoffs. Sigh.

Game Day Enemy Perspective:

Los Angeles Times - National Hockey League Coverage and News - Local paper for the Kings.

Jewels From The Crown - One of SBN's newest additions. Good people.

Your Daily Moment of "Duh":

Rangers need Gaborik to be a star again - - Where's Gabby?(The "Where's Gabby?" line is his, not mine). We'll leave it at that.

No we won't. Check the IR list? In his F1 Racing game? Playing soccer in the hallway? Perhaps he thought the playoffs started and he vaporized? Counting his money? See Twitter tag #wheresgabby

Later all.