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Remember the good old Chuck Norris jokes? Well, today is Greg Zanon's turn. Zanonisms have taken twitter by storm, and we are going to start a thread for your entries as well.


The Wild had a contest, giving away Wild tickets. Winner of this contest gets a sweet NHL wrist band (if Nathan has any left). We don't have much of a budget around here. The Wild's winners are founnd on the View From the Lighthouse Blog:

Even our very own SpaethCo made the finals!

Greg Zanon doesn't use razors to shave his head, he uses the skates of vanquished opponents

 Greg Zanon made Gretzky retire from coaching by just looking at "The Great One.

Even Hockey Hair is scared of Greg Zanon

Greg Zanon was what Willis was talking about

Greg Zanon easily finds Carmen Sandiego, and blocks her shots!

greg zanon doesn't need a Zamboni, he uses his wet beard

Zanon isn't growing a beard. Apparently when throwing your body in front of and blocking several 90mph pucks, your face sweats hair.

D-man Greg Zanon can make a turkey sub in exactly 5 seconds and still have time to hip check you into the boards

Greg Zanon's aura is so strong that he can get an assist without setting foot in the building

Greg Zanon had a deep thought once. Its result was the tilting of the Earth on its axis.

There is no 'ctrl' button on greg zanon's computer because Greg Zanon is always in control!

Once, Greg Zanon took a Burnsie slapshot off the shinguard in practice, the ricochet made the tower of Pisa lean.

The Matrix movies were based on the real events of Zanon's life

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Greg Zanon.
Greg Zanon doesn't mow his lawn, he dares his grass to grow.
greg zanon built the hospital he was born in.


If Greg Zanon tells Owen Nolan to smile, he smiles

Here is the Twitter feed:

List yours below!