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Josh Harding - torn labrum, surgery likely

According to Michael Russo's article in the Star Tribune,

Goaltender Josh Harding has a torn labrum and most likely will require surgery. Fletcher said Harding had a couple other appointments to determine the exact course of action, including who would perform the surgery, if that's the decision.

The Wild has a history with well-known Vail-based hip specialist Marc Phillipon, who last season operated on goalie Niklas Backstrom and right wing Marian Gaborik.

Last April, Backstrom had a torn labrum repaired and two cysts shaved down, and he was healthy in time for training camp.

So, what does this mean for Harding's future?

Well, if Gaborik and Backstrom's procedures are any indication, Harding should be back at full-speed by training camp. Of course, this is all dependent upon the extent of the tear and how Harding takes to the rehab. If his procedure and rehab mirror that of Backstrom's things will bode well for Harding next season with the Wild. However, when asked what if this will impact the Wild being able to move Harding leading up to the draft or this summer, a source close to the team said that they felt it would hurt Harding's trade value.

Now, does that mean he can't be moved? No, but what it does mean is that the timing may be after the draft and closer to camp as teams play the "wait and see" game with his rehab, or the Wild could choose to take a lower value to move Harding at the draft.

Either way, it's never a good thing for a goaltender, especially one with Harding's style, suffers this type of injury. Here's hoping there are no lasting effects.

My assumption is that he tore it originally during one of two fantastic saves on the two-on-zero shorthanded attempt by the Red Wings on January 21,

Then again against the Oilers on Feb 4.