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Wilderness Walk for 3-31-2010

How's everyone today? Super excited for the pivotal match-up between the Wild and Hawks tonight? I mean, do you realize that if the Wild win this game, they could, just maybe, get a participation ribbon? Yeah, one of those green or purple ribbons they give kids that tried really hard so they don't cry. They could earn one of those.

Don't pretend you aren't excited for that.

Game Day Stories:

Ebbett, Stoner, Harding might need surgery as Wild's injury ranks swell | - Before everyone gets all worked up about this, remember something. This is how real teams behave when they realize they are out of the play offs. Shut down the guys who need to be, get them their surgeries, and get them ready for next season.

Lack of a big-time scorer contributed to Minnesota Wild's decline - - Brothers continues his series entitled "Things my two-year-old already knew." Also, is he suggesting that Eric Belanger and Kim Johnsson were the "big-time scorer" the Wild were suddenly missing? I mean, 28 points from your second line center is pretty good. You know, if you are the Alabama-Huntsville Chargers and not an NHL hockey team. Dear Pioneer Press, I work cheap.

Game Day Enemy Perspective:

Chicago Blackhawks - - Local coverage of the #2 team in the West.

Second City Hockey - SBN Coverage of the Hawks. I say this a lot, but good people.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Tuesday's trip around the league - KiPA continues to ridicule us, I mean, inform us with the goings on around the league.

Off the Trail:

Parody Will Be Made: NHL playoff ads inspire Web sensation - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
 - Awesome post over at Puck Daddy about the fun NHL fans are having with the "History Will be Made" commercials. My suggestions for the Wild versions:

"What if Gaborik wasn't a sissy?"

"What if Lemaire knew what offense was?"

"What if He Who Shall No Longer be Named could still be named?"

"What if Gaby showed up in the playoffs?"

Got one? Or six? Put them in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the game.