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Wilderness Walk for 3-6-2010

Here they are, your glorious day after links. Enjoy.

First Things First:

During the early stages of the game last night, loyal Wilderness reader TonyO mentioned that he has an extremely difficult situation facing him. Tony, I want you to know that the entire community of Hockey Wilderness stands behind you. We do what what we can to keep your mind off of reality and on hockey here at the Wilderness, but this is about as real as it gets. Stay strong, man. We're here if you need us.

Gamers & More:

Wild doesn't heed coach's warning | -Todd Richards warned them of letting up. They let up any way. Sounds like the Wild we know.

Youth teammates reunited in Minnesota | - Always strange linkages in the NHL, eh?

Wild play down to Oilers' level in shootout loss - Yes Bruce, they did indeed play down to them.

Minnesota Wild set up Andrew Ebbett for success - - Another story... wait... what? An original subject matter? Huh. Well done.

Enemy Perspective:

Edmonton - Minnesota post-game: We won?! - The Copper & Blue - Had to figure there was going to be a rant about Boogaard. If the sides were flipped, it would have been me. I still might. Haven't decided yet. This rant is pretty measured.

Will the NHL finally crack down on Derek Boogaard, the hockey goon? (Not a chance) - Cult of Hockey - This one is over the top and melodramatic. Boogaard is not skating around trying to end careers. However, the point remains. I used to be firmly in the pro Boogey camp. Now? Not so much.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 3-5-10: Wings stop Preds; Hawks blitz Luongo, Canucks - KiPA with a quick re-cap of the night's actions.

Enjoy your day, all.