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Minnesota Wild vs. Calgary Flames: Game Recap

Minnesota Wild 2-5 Calgary Flames

The Minnesota Wild did not come out with enough effort or desire to win today. That became painfully apparent 19 seconds into the game as Rene Bourque tipped home the Steve Staios shot. It was, frankly, all down hill from there.

From strange decisions made by the refs to Jarome Iginla busting out of his Wild scoring slump to the oft-maligned Vesa Toskala getting the start to Guillaume Latendresse's two goals when it should've been around six goals there is very little to say about the 400th game at the Xcel Energy Center, so I'm just not going to.

Feel free to vent in the comments. This performance isn't worthy of actual discussion. This team is out of the playoffs. I think we're done.

See you on Tuesday for the Panthers.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:

  1. Jarome Iginla (3 G, 1 A)
  2. Guillaume Latendresse (2 G)
  3. Rene Bourque (1 G, 3 A)

Five Questions to Answer:

  1. Calgary get payback? Completely.
  2. Jarome Iginla is the leading scorer against the Wild, but is goal-less since 2008. Will the streak be extended? Sorry, I may have screwed the pooch on this one. I gave the Dick and Bert kiss of death.
  3. Which Wild team will show up? The Edmonton loss one.
  4. Can Guillaume Latendresse extend his goal lead? He is awesome. Very awesome.
  5. Will the Wild miss Derek Boogaard? Hell no.