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Wilderness Walk for 3-8-2010

Well Wild fans, I know there are a few of you that still feel the Wild can pull this out. However, Russo says they need to go 14-4 the rest of the way to even have a chance.

I'm not one for gambling, but those are pretty long odds.

On to the walk.

Gamers & More:

Bob Kurtz has seen 'em all at the X | - Sell out #400. I was there. Pretty weak celebration both on and off the ice. No give aways, no discounts, no pucks, no patches, nothing. A couple 400's painting in the building. Pretty lame if you ask me.

Wild digging a deeper hole | - Hatty from Iginla. 2 from Lats. Backs was huge. Wild played like crap. That wouldn't have made much of a story for the paper, but it would have summed it up.

Minnesota Wild's playoff chances take another hit in home loss to Calgary Flames - - Bruce Brothers weighs in.

Wild-killer Jarome Iginla gets third career hat trick against Minnesota - - Yep. Iggy with the hat trick. Sigh.

Calgary Flames 5, Wild 2; Clutterbuck injured | - Most recent Rants.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 3-7-10: Detroit stuns Chicago; Iggy burns Wild - In other news... yeah... I don't know if anyone in the team of 18,000 cares about the rest of the league today.