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Wilderness Walk for 4-1-2010

Please take note of the date in the headline. I cannot protect you from April Fool's jokes, so you must protect yourself. Trust no one. You have been warned.

Gamers & More:

Wild flatter than the ice sheet | - Russo's gamer. One starts to wonder how many times the Wild have to be booed off the ice before they wake up.

Wild owner happy with hires, progress | - Love ya, Sid, but if you were surprised when He Who Shall No Longer be Named was fired, you need to watch more hockey. He did not do a very good job building the team. Maybe, if he had quit in 2003, then yes. But after needing to be fired after driving the bus into a tree? Not so much.

Russo's Rants | - Post game Rant.

Minnesota Wild no match for Chicago Blackhawks in 4-0 loss - - Brothers' gamer.

Two days, no games, and Minnesota Wild's Cal Clutterbuck feeling like himself again - - Somewhat interesting article by Brothers. IN that, well, he doesn't make himself look stupid today.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Mixed bag of results from Wednesday - Check out the "Stat of the Day."

That's it, and that's all, folks. Sorry. Enjoy the day.