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Wilderness Walk for 4-10-2010

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So. Last game of the year, huh? Amazing and depressing all at the same time. Keep an eye over here at Hockey Wilderness, as we begin our offseason look at the team. We'll have some fun with it, I'm sure, but hopefully try to offer some real insight as well. Hope you will join us for that.

Here we go.

First Things First:

Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge - Hockey Wilderness - Just because the Wild are done, doesn't mean we are. Can you win the title?

Twinkie Town - For Minnesota Twins Fans - Not sure how many baseball fans, and specifically Twins fans, we have reading the Wilderness, but after tonight the Twins are it. So, here is a link to the SBN Twins blog. Take a gander.

Wild News:

With no playoffs, time for Minnesota Wild to mull sorry season - - Another classic post from Bruce. With such gems as:

More importantly, if you take away the Wild's three victories in Calgary, they forged a gruesome 10-24-4 record in their other 38 road games.

Yeah. Because factoring in those three wins makes them look like road gods at 13-24-4.


A concussion knocked playmaker Pierre-Marc Bouchard out for the final 81 games of the season...

"The final 81 games of the season." AKA, he played one game.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Rangers earn key victory, set up crucial Sunday - In a conference in which no one seems to want the 8 spot, this game was actually pretty fun to watch. I need the Rags to win, for fantasy hockey purposes.

Game Day Enemy Perspective:

Dallas Stars News | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News - Dallas News Paper

Defending Big D - Home of the SBN Dallas blog. Stop by and say hi.

Off the Trail:

It's homecoming for Mike Modano | - Rachel Blount checks in with a good piece about the only real story tonight. Mike Modano's potential last NHL game.

Down Goes Brown: A fond farewell to the retiring Kerry Fraser - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair. - If you like to laugh, and you know who Kerry Fraser is, read this post. If you don;t know who Kerry Fraser is... well... go stand in the corner until you feel shame.

Enjoy the game all. Sounds like much of our normal crew will be attending the game, so there may be little traffic around here. I will be away from my computer and away from this new fangled television thing all night, so I don't even get to watch it. If you are around, and no one else is, you can either entertain yourself, or feel free to go hang out with the crew at Defending Big D . They are good people, and usually pretty active over there. No need to be lonely.

Later all.