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Wilderness Walk for 4-13-2010

Don't get too excited, there isn't much here. However, there are a few links that I didn't want to get too stale while I collected enough for a real Walk. Hopefully you are all finding something to entertain yourself. Could be a long summer.

First Things First:

Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge - Final Bracket - Hockey Wilderness - Getting a pretty good response. Not overwhelming response, but pretty good. Spread the word.

Wild Stuff:

Russo's Rants | - I lamented yesterday on Twitter about how depressing it is when there is no Wild news. Russo came through like a heroin addicts dealer. Well done, Russo. Now... you got any more? I just need a taste, man. Just a taste. I swear, I won't ask again...

NHL Premiere '10 Helsinki - Minnesota Wild - Fan Zone - Here is a link to the news Nathan posted yesterday. Fan packages are available to go to FInland and watch the Wild play. If you happen to be going, or know someone who is, please let us know, I would love to do a little interview with them.

Off the Trail:

Detroit Fans Throw Octopi, But Will Coyotes Fans Throw The Snake? - SB Nation - Yesterday was one of those "You had to be there" kind of days. #ThrowTheSnake was born, and it has taken off. If you don;t know what it is, you need to read this post, and them head over to Five for Howling via the link below and check this thing out. Awesome.

Coyote Tracks - Whiteout Tuesday April 13 Edition - Five For Howling - Their version of the Walk. Tons of links about #ThrowtheSnake. Hey. The Wild are done, let's latch on to something, shall we?

That's it folks. Slow day with no Wild news and no NHL action until tomorrow. Find a way to entertain yourself today. Spread the word about the Playoff Bracket Challenge.