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Wilderness Walk for 4-14-2010

Somehow or another, we have been thrown a life preserver again. One more day, a handful of links. I am betting that the well dries up pretty fast after this, so enjoy. I'll do what I can to keep the links coming, but with no games, the news may get pretty thin.

With that... here we go.

First Things First:

Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge - Final Bracket - Hockey Wilderness - I still haven't received a bracket from many of the regulars... did you abandon us already? I mean, I know the Twins are playing pretty good and all, but we're still people, you know. I kid, of course. Just a friendly reminder. Due the 17th at noon.

Wild Stories:

Wild's Harding has hip surgery; is a trade next? | - Russo hooks us up for one more day.

Everybody’s got a shot, except watchers like Wild | - Russo's playoff preview.

Coach Todd Richards positively upbeat in postseason assessment of Minnesota Wild - - Something I missed yesterday. Yeah, I missed an article in the Pioneer Press. Whoops. Can you blame me?

News From the System:

Circular Theory - Minnesota Wild Prospect Blog: Minnesota Wild Prospect Awards - An awesome blog focused on the Wild's prospects. He cross posted this into a fan post, but go ahead and give his blog the hit, will ya? Heck, give it a couple. And check out the rest of his work while you are there. Good stuff.

KiPA's Korner:

KiPA provides his take on the playoffs.

Hitting The Post: Eastern Conference playoff preview

Hitting The Post: Western Conference playoff preview


Off the Trail:

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Quarterfinals Schedule - 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Conference Quarterfinals - - Here is a schedule of the upcoming games, should anyone wish to watch them.

Playoffs start tonight, folks. Despite the fact that the Wild are out, the playoffs make for some amazing hockey. You really should tune in, if for no other reason than to control the hockey jonesing for a few more days.