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Daily Playoff Thread

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Not sure anyone wants this, but we'll see how it goes. I'll put a thread up for people to stop by and discuss the day's playoff action. For my money, it would like be more entertaining to visit the blogs of the teams playing, but hey, I understand family as much as the next guy.

You want to hang out at in the Wilderness and feel at home, I'll leave the door unlocked. Just don't break anything. Well, I should say, if you break anything, make sure you assign blame on a Canucks troll or something. Cool? Cool. Enjoy.

Games today (all times central time):

New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers - TSN 6:30


Devils: In Lou We Trust

Flyers: Broad Street Hockey

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators - CBC, Versus 6:00

Penguins: Pensburgh

Senators: Silver Seven Sens

San Jose Sharks vs Colorado Avalanche - CBC, Versus (JIP) 9:30

Sharks: Fear the Fin

Avalanche: Mile High Hockey

Phoenix Coyotes vs Detroit Red Wings - TSN, Versus 9:00

Coyotes: Five for Howling

Red Wings: Winging it in Motown

Enjoy the games, all.

Also... just so it is out there, and I cannot change it, here is my bracket for the contest:

BReynolds Bracket