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Wilderness Walk for 4-16-2010

Hey all. How's the post season treating you? We've had snakes thrown, we've had upsets, and we've had OT thrillers. Ah, the playoffs. Freakin' Wild.

I wanted to throw these couple of links up, just so you had something to entertain yourselves for about five minutes. Also, enjoy what I like to call, "The Video We Wish Wild Brass had Watched Before Drafting Sheppard." Now, the cause the video was made for seems genuine and heartfelt, but anytime someone puts together a James Sheppard tribute video, something is seriously wrong with the world. And then... to put it to the music of Avril Lavigne? Priceless.

Maybe we'll do a random Wild video of the day. The picture of the day got old, not very many good pictures out there. Holy rusted metal Batman, there are videos, though. Yep. Video of the day. Enjoy.


News From the System:

The Third Intermission: The First Annual T3I Awards - Awards given out to the Aeros players. Good post for those who care about what happens outside of Saint Paul.

(updated) Wild dismisses Aeros coach Kevin Constantine; Burns heading to worlds | Russo's post about Constantine. Also, Burns got some good news.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 2: Overtime goodness- Looks like we get the honor of re-caps for the playoffs, as well. Enjoy.