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Hockey Wilderness Welcomes New Staff Member

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Wilderness, it is with great pride that I am able to announce that BubbleWild48 has decided to join us as a front-page author. It's great to see the HW family growing, and it shows that we truly are an international phenomenon.

So, without further adieu, I will allow him to introduce himself:

Jean-Sébastien Landry (Call me JS) aka BubbleWild48

Age: 21

From: New-Brunswick, Canada

I come from a hockey family, they all love to watch hockey, and my dad was a goalie for the local club. Naturally, I came to love hockey too, but not the Habs like my family, but I used to root for whichever team my cousin rooted for (I was young, and the Wild didn't exist yet!). I came to love hockey even more with video games and with watching every game possible. I come from a Habs crazed place, where we hardly even hear about teams outside of Canada, except of course for the Pens, Caps and Wings.

I started liking the Wild pretty much when I discovered them! I had never really heard about them before, for the reason stated above, but once I saw the likes of Gaborik, PMB, Walz, Kuba, followed a few years later by Burns, Koivu, Backstrom, I knew this was a team I could get to loving. I had finally found THE team, with all the rich hockey heritage in Minny, the great fans (no one deserves the cup more), the exciting atmosphere at home and a great core of players.  I know it may be superficial, but my Gamecube played a large part into my discovery of the Wild, but make no mistake, as I grew as a hockey enthusiast, so did my knowledge of every thing Wild related, and I am now married to this team (in the best way possible), for better or for worse.

For more, check out my first ever fanpost on Hockey Wilderness:

I'm looking forward to share my love for the Wild with every fellow Wild fan with every single post I'm going to write, and I hope to entertain everyone looking for some Wild-related info and fun! If I do even half as good a job as Nathan and Buddha have been doing, I should be alright!

Later this week, you'll see the first assignment for JS, as he grades out the defensemen. So, welcome JS!