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Wilderness Walk for 4-21-2010

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Pretty good sized walk today, and I don't want to distract you all from the fine work of the review of goaltenders posted last night, so the entire walk is after the jump. Join me, will you?

Did everyone make it? Good. Now, before you start reading this, go read the Goalie re-cap. Seriously, it's good stuff. We worked hard on it. Well... not super hard, but we put in our normal amount of effort.

Minnesota Wild 09-10 Season Recap: The Goalies - Hockey Wilderness

Second thing before we jump head long into the Walk. Some of you may read other sites on SBN, which is great. However, if you do, you may have noticed a handful of them posting stories with titles such as "Hockey's Future Ranks Nashville Prospects #1." This may lead to bewilderment about why we do not have a similar post. The reason is, HF only ranked the top 10, and simply put, the Wild aren't in it. If they decide to do the bottom 10, we'll let you know.


Random Wild Video of the Day:


Wild News:

Thompson on final scouting trip | - If you saw it yesterday, gold star for you. If not, here is Russo's take on the Thompson firing.

Assistant Wild GM is let go after 11 years | - The article that ran in the Strib today.

Minnesota Wild fire Tommy Thompson - - Hey! They did notice. Good for them.

Playoff Team Re-Caps:

Predators seize series lead with 4-1 win over Chicago - On the Forecheck - Looking over the Playoff Bracket Challenge, not many had the Preds winning this series.

Are We Bound Out Of Obligation? Is That All We Got?: Hawks 1 - Preds 4 Wrap - Second City Hockey  - Let's just say Hawks fans are not overly happy about this.

ECQF Game 4: Briere, Carter awaken to give Flyers commanding series lead - Broad Street Hockey - Philly now up 3-1 in the series. Also not picked by very many.

It's Bleak: New Jersey Devils Decisively Lose to Philadelphia Flyers 4-1, Go Down 3-1 in Series - In Lou We Trust
 - One wonders if the series can make it back to NJ.

Game 4 Recap: He shoots, he roars. Pens overwhelm Sens 7-4 - PensBurgh - The defending champs have asserted themselves. My bet? This series does not go back to Pittsburgh.

Playoff Experts: Penguins beat Senators 7-4 - Silver Seven - Flip side from Ottawa. By the way... this game? Did. Not. Sell. Out. Keep that in mind the next time Ottawa fans make jokes about the Coyotes attendance, OK?

Quarterfinals Game 4 Recap: Sharks Get Big Win, Beat Avs 2-1 In Overtime - Mile High Hockey - Only re-cap available thus far for this game.

Fear The Fin - For San Jose Sharks Fans  - No really, our friends at Fear the Fin must be hung over.

Hank's Pair, Howard's 29-Save Shutout Ties Series At 2 - Winging It In Motown - Barf.

Coyotes Get Shutout 3-0 by Red Wings: Series Tied at 2 Games a Piece - Five For Howling - I picked the 'Yotes in 6, so this still works.

Off the Trail:

Let's Not and Say We Did - Jewels From The Crown - Great piece by Quisp about the soon to be steroid scandal in Washington, and likely the NHL. Brace yourselves people. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The NHL’s image problem in B.C. - The Globe and Mail - The conspiracy in Detroit is that the NHL only wants wants Pittsburgh to win. In Pittsburgh they believe the same thing, only that Washington is the beneficiary. In Toronto, it's the Coyotes. Now, in Vancouver, it is the Kings. The moral of the story? We need a conspiracy theory. It seems to bind the fan base together. Post ideas in the comments.

Final notes:

If you made it this far, you earn a gold star. If you made it through the entire video above... shame on you. If you have ever posted a video such as the one above, please sent me your address. I will mail you a slap up side the head.