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Wilderness Walk for 4-25-2010

Ugh. Weekends. Does everyone else really enjoy them? Mine are so busy I can barely breathe...

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Make sure you check out who uploaded this little gem... (video actually taken by our very own SpaethCo)

By the way, that is Jarod Palmer, who recently signed with the Wild, at Prospect Camp in 2009.

Playoff Team Re-Caps:

Mile High Hockey - For Colorado Avalanche Fans

Fear The Fin - For San Jose Sharks Fans

Second City Hockey - For Chicago Blackhawks Fans

On the Forecheck - For Nashville Predators Fans

Silver Seven - For Ottawa Senators Fans - Sens eliminated. Not surprising, but yet still only about 50% of the bracket challenge players got his right.

PensBurgh - For Pittsburgh Penguins Fans - Defending champs move to the second round.

Wild News:

Wild signs Fridley native to one-year deal | - This could actually end up being a bigger story than we know right now. He led Miami U in scoring. Some of you may not know... Miami U? Pretty good squad.