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Wilderness Walk for 4-26-2010

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Only two games last night? This is an ominous foreshadowing of events soon to be. Not cool.

Random Wild Video of the Day:


Playoff Team Game Re-Caps:

Another Third Period Rally Helps Canucks Advance - Nucks Misconduct - Canucks move on. Not sure of the feelings of the Wilderness on this, but not too many people picked the Kings.

Why - Jewels From The Crown - Why? That's really the only question that works, isn't it?

Coyotes Postgame: Like Pearl Jam, We're Still Alive - Five For Howling - Screw all of the "It's cool they got this far" crap. Go get 'em, Yotes!

Wings Lose 5-2, Give Up 3 Power Play Goals - Winging It In Motown - This is not something the Wings fans expected. They got the Yotes first round. Easy move to the second round, right? Not so much.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 12: Game Seven, but not for LA - KiPA wraps it all up for us.

Off the Trail:

A belated Happy Birthday to Ms. Conduct. In all of my travels yesterday, I forgot to wish her a happy birthday. So, in honor of that you all get to share this. Sing along, if you dare:

Happy Birthday, H!