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Wilderness Walk for 4-27-2010

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Two more series clinched last night, some Game 7s tonight. Playoff hockey rocks. Now... if only the Wild could figure out a way to get in on it.

By the way, some insight into the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge... we no longer have any perfect brackets. The final perfect bracket fell apart with the Hawks last night. However, brigid22 still has all but one series picked correctly. The rest of us? Not so much.The Wilderness readership has some issues with the Eastern Conference. Just sayin'.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

OK, so this video has nothing to do with the Wild, but I like it, so there.

Playoff Team Game ReCaps:

Blackhawks Defeat Predators To Advance: Canucks vs. Blackhawks: Round 2 - Second City Hockey - Most of the entries had the Hawks winning. So, no real surprise here. I watched exactly zero of this series, so I wish I could tell you why the Hawks won.

Predators fall in the 1st round again as Chicago wins, 5-3 - On the Forecheck - It really is too bad for the Preds. Their fan base was rocking during this series, and the need a deep run to build some corporate support.

Bruins outlast Sabres 4-3 to take series in Game 6 - Stanley Cup of Chowder - Best thing I have seen on this series: "Do you believe in Millercles? No, but I believe in Satan." Well done Twitter, well done.

Bruins 4 Sabres 3: Sabres Season Ends With Disappointment in Beantown - Die By The Blade - On of the worst things to come from this series ending? The people at Die by the Blade lose their main source of writing inspiration. We all lose.

Euphoria In Montreal! - Habs Stun Caps, Take Series To Seventh Game - Habs Eyes On The Prize - Lengthening the agony for JS, the Habs have forced a game 7 with the Caps. Turns out, goaltending is kind of important in the playoffs. Maybe the Wild should be eyeballing Washington for a home for Harding.

Recap: Canadiens 4, Caps 1 - Japers' Rink - Game 7. Can they do it? If not, my entire Eastern Conference bracket is shot.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 13: Some move on, one lives on - Day 13? We are 13 days into this? Ugh.

Later all.