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Wilderness Walk for 4-29-2010

A quick update on the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge. Brigid22 is really the only one left with a chance to win. Not to rule out a couple other entries, but she picked the Eastern conference at 100%. No one else did. No one. Spenny022 has the potential to gain ground should Brigid22 slip up in the second round. Most entries, however, are done in the East. A hanful have the Penguins going deep, but most had New Jersey or Washington in the cup finals or winning, and that just isn't going to happen, now is it.

As for me? I'm done. I did not pick a single winner in the East. Not even one. I got three out of four in the West, but my Yotes pick to make the finals did me no favors. Brutal. Congrats to the two or three people who have any shot left, and to the rest of you, well, welcome to the club.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Playoff team Game ReCaps:

Giant Slaying Habs, Halak, Take Down Capitals In Seven - Habs Eyes On The Prize - Sorry, JS.

... And Then There Was Golf - Japers' Rink  - Disappointing that Japer's Rink is silenced for a bit. Though, I am certain they will find something to keep the fans entertained.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Deja vu: Halak does it again, Montreal moves on - Recap.

Hitting The Post: Western Conference semifinals preview - Looking forward.

Enjoy the day, folks. Thunderstorms moving in the Twin Cities area, so we hopefully will have a fun evening. Talk to you all later.