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Wilderness Walk for 4-3-2010 - A Good Day for a Wake

It's official. The Wild are out of the playoffs. While we all knew that, it is good to have the closure, you know? Enjoy your Easter eve, for all of those who celebrate. For those that don't, enjoy Saturday. For those of you at the Tweet-up the other night... wear those black arm bands with pride, knowing they now stand for the demise of the 2009-10 season.

Gamers & More:

No playoffs: Wild's loss makes it official | - Rachel Blount covering for Russo, who most likely was making post April 10th travel plans.

Wild go out fighting in loss to San Jose that ends their playoff hopes - - Yeah, the other guys noticed too. I haven't even read it yet. Let me know if I need to.

Explaining disparity between East and West points | - Russo uses a math wiz to help explain why the East sucks so bad that they can't even lose right.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Friday's NHL action: Flames earn key win - Kipper did earn a key win, for me as well. Thank you, Kipper.

That's it. Non-playoff teams don't get much play this time of year, so... yep. Talk to you tomorrow most likely.