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Wilderness Walk for 4-30-2010

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Second round is underway. What does this mean for all of us? Less hockey. Not cool, people, not cool.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

This should put a smile on your face. First thing that I thought? They must have bought a really big blanket.

Playoff Team Game ReCaps:

Sharks score on power play following head-scratching decision - Winging It In Motown - The refs screwed us, man. They hate us. The whole league hates us. They don't want us to win. They obviously have set it up so the Coyotoes advance. Oh... wait.

Sharks defeat Red Wings 4-3, take 1-0 series lead - Fear The Fin - Apparently the Sharks saw it a different way.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 16: No rest for the weary - Daily recap. In case reading the two above was too much.

News from the System:

Circular Theory - Minnesota Wild Prospect Blog: Wild Go Back To School - Another excellent post from Circular Theory.

Russo, Checking In:

Opening round lessons; Former Wild players studs in Game 7; Conference semifinal schedules |


Later all.