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Minnesota Wild vs Vancouver Canucks: Game Thread

Not much time until game time, so just some questions for tonight. Enjoy the game.

Five Questions to Answer:

1. Can the Wild muster up some honor and play hard tonight?

2. Henrik Sedin is leading the league in points. Can the Wild find a way to shut him down?

3. Roberto Luongo has not been sharp as of late. Couple this with the fact that the Wild own him. Can the Wild actually score tonight?

4. Over / under on Wild SOG is set at 15. Can they put the puck on net?

5. The up one game down the next routine tells us this should be a down game. Does that streak continue?

Buddha Bonus Question:

6. Can BTE, Alex Burrows, and Kevin Bieska account for 10 PIMs, 4 assists, and 15 SOG to win me a fantasy hockey championship?