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Wilderness Walk for 4-5-2010

Am I the only one who felt the entire game was pathetic? I hope not. I just don't see how those last two goals make up for 59:30 of terrible hockey. Anyway.

Gamers & More:

No playoffs, no regrets for Wild's Nolan | - Owen Nolan deserves a Cup. I have zero illusions he returns to the Wild, as they will not be a contender next season either (save for some miracle working by Fletcher).

Wild loses in OT; Almond's first NHL goal sparks late rally; Burrows "draws" OT penalty | - Post game Rants. Pretty good stuff.

Minnesota Wild's struggles continue with OT loss at Vancouver - - Brothers' gamer, without much game (See the double meaning there?).

Captain Koivu has been a model of intensity this season for Wild -
 - Say you are a beat writer that people don't read. Now say that you are that same beat writer, and that Wild blogs were criticizing your work and eroding your readership's trust in your work. How do you respond? Well, with a story that is so obvious a cave man could do it. Great job.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Sunday's NHL recap: Clinchings and clenchings - The recaps have gotten much shorter since the beginning of the year, but the quality has not dropped. Hopefully you are still stopping over there every now and again.

Game Day Enemy Perspective:

Edmonton Journal – Oilers – Breaking Oilers News, Oil Country, Game Photos, Oiler Blogs - Local paper.

The Copper & Blue - SBN Blog. You know what sucks? When the people who run the blogs of NW Division Rivals are so much fun to deal with. I mean, they couldn't be jerks or something? Jeeze. The folks at The Copper & Blue are good people, too. Stop by and say hi.

Off the Trail:

Wild Fan Community on Facebook - A blossoming community of Wild fans over on Facebook. Highly active Wilderness reader and dedicated Wild fan, our very own BubbleWild48, is an admin over there. Head over and check it out.

I, unfortunately, will not be available for the game this evening. Enjoy it. Feel free to drink all the beer in the fridge.