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Wilderness Walk for 5-1-2010

Here I sit, in the late morning of day three of what was supposed to be four days of thunderstorms. The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day. You know, if you like that kind of thing. I want my thunderstorms. Weather people are about as good at their job as Wade Dubielewicz. Sigh.

Today's walk, by the way, is dedicated in full to JS. I'm sure nothing in the entire walk will be enjoyable for him at all today, so why not dedicate it to him?

Random Wild Video of the Day:

This video was brought to our attention by taralynn09.

Playoff Team Game ReCaps:

Game 1 Recap: PP sinks USS Gill, Habs...Pens win 6-3 - PensBurgh - It looked to me like the Pens could do no wrong in this game. Everything was working. 

Penguins Make Squid Of Habs, As Canadiens Hopefully Get A Stinker Out Of Their System - Habs Eyes On The Prize - The Habs better find an answer for Halak supposedly being "tired" from playing a seven game series. It's the playoffs, suck it up.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 17: Potent Pittsburgh power play produces victory - Alliteration and all.

Off the Trail:

Hockey: Duluth considering junior team; Select 17 and 16 picks | - This article, found by shelske, is good news for the State of Hockey. There needs to be more choices. I know there is high school, college, etc, but there needs to be exposure to what happens to players who don't choose college.

Enjoy the day, everyone. Especially those of you in the Twin Cities area. Stupid sun.