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Wilderness Walk for 5-10-2010

I would apologize for the lack of Walks the past few days, but I truly detest when bloggers do that. While I am sure all of your worlds were crushed that there was no Walk, I trust everyone is OK. At least... I hope so. The good news is, we're back in business.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Is it just me, or does anyone else wish they had gone with Wally?

Playoff Team Game Re-Caps:

By the way, I am sorry for two internet friends of mine because their Red Wings lost. It sucks when your team is eliminated (a feeling I remember from seven years ago or so). However, I am ecstatic that the Wings are out. I really am.

We Bleed and You Suck! Canucks Beat Hawks To Extend Series - Nucks Misconduct - Ugly game for injuries. Salo takes one to the bad place, and O'Brien gushes blood like Old Faithful. The Nucks won, though...

That's Not How We Planned It: Canucks Stay Alive, Series Lead Cut To One Game - Second City Hockey - Chicago fans have to praying this does not become a piece of history.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Pride & Prejudice: Canucks respond to force Game 6 - If I remember correctly, the Canucks have some experience with a team coming back from a 3-1 deficit... I could be wrong though.

Off the Trail:

Not sure how many people follow the World Championships, but there here are a couple sites if you care to:

Universal Sports - Good friend of the blog Joe Yerdon covers the Worlds for NBC / Universal.

Puck Worlds - For International Hockey Coverage - New International Hockey Blog on SBN. If nothing else you should stop by and say hi. They're new here, so be nice.

The Western Hockey Exchange -Not a International hockey blog. Instead, it is a new take on the Coyotes. Good reading.

Going Deep: Mason talks Wild, Hackett, Penguins | International Falls Journal - Not sure if I put this up on here or not. This is the joy of Google Reader. It finds all kinds of odd things.

2010 NHL Draft Prospect: Nick Bjugstad - Western College Hockey Blog - More on Wilderness favorite Nick Bjugstad.