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Season Ticket Holder Conference Call



Not that it is super secret, CIA level classified material, but Hockey Wilderness was given a copy of the letter describing a season ticket holder conference call to take place May 18th by good friend of the blog SpaethCo. It discusses some of the topics to be covered, which perhaps some of you may find interesting.

Make the jump for the letter. Anything catch your eye, upset you, make you curious?

Tomorrow, Chuck Fletcher, Jamie Spencer and I will talk with Season Ticket Holders via conference
call beginning at Noon. I will announce some important changes to enhance our Season Ticket plans,
changes that you've helped bring about with your feedback to us this spring, and changes that we
hope will make your experience with us even better. Here is a summary of the key initiatives I'll be

1. Season Ticket Holders who received a per-game ticket price increase in the latest renewal period
and who have already committed to renew their seats for next season, or who renew by the deadline of
May 27, are guaranteed the same price for 2011-2012.

2. TicketExchange will offer greater flexibility next season, to ensure that it truly is the best
option you have if you choose to re-sell your seats. A key new benefit here will be that if you use
TicketExchange to re-sell your tickets to games and keep your money on account until the end of the
season next year, we'll add another 5% to your account balance. That money can be put toward your
season ticket renewal for 2011-2012.

3. For a minimum of ten home games next season, we will roll back concession prices on some of the
most popular items, including beer, soda, and hot dogs. And, we'll be continuing to work with our
concessions partners to enhance menus and improve service.

Chuck will also answer your questions about the work his team is doing to get ready for the draft
and free agency.

If you can't make the call, you can log on to later tomorrow afternoon to see video
excerpts from the discussion. In addition, all Season Ticket Holders will be receiving a letter
outlining these plans. I hope that you can make the call. We'll talk to you tomorrow at Noon!


Craig Leipold

Call detail reminder: You will receive a direct phone call between 11:45AM and Noon from which you
will be directly connected with the conference call. We will contact you at the main number listed
on account. If you miss this call and would like to join in progress, please call [REDACTED].

The only things I see that immediately jump out at me are these:

1. Why are prices being rolled back for only 10 games, and which games might those be? Is it a ploy to sell tickets against the Blue Jackets?

2. This one is petty, and meant as more of a joke, but after item #3, it says: "Chuck will also answer your questions about the work his team is doing to get ready for the draft and free agency." What's this his team stuff? Huh? HIS  team? I thought this was the Team of 18,000... guess not. (Again, this is a joke, you should laugh.)

So, Wilderness. Any thoughts? Questions you hope are answered? It does say that portions of the video will be available on after the call is over. I will review the video and pass along anything that seems to be of interest.

Thanks again to SpaethCo for passing this along.