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Wilderness Walk for 5-19-2010

Ah, that's better. Two games, and my hockey fix is complete. Now, to just keep that high going. Wait. What's that? There is no hockey tonight? Are you kidding me? Wow. Just... wow.

I guess we will have to live vicariously through the World Championships?

Random Wild Highly Educational Video of the Day:

Playoff Team Game ReCaps:

Here's To Swimmin' With Bow-Legged Women: Blackhawks Win 4-2, Lead Series 2-0 - Second City Hockey - Chicago is out playing SJ in every aspect. If the Sharks can't find a different gear, this could be over quickly.

San Jose loses second straight, fall into 2-0 series hole against Chicago - Fear The Fin - Let's just say... not good.

ECF Game 2: Ole, ole! Leighton, Flyers shutout Habs; take commanding series lead - Broad Street Hockey - Love the use of Ole, Ole! as a taunt on the Habs. I really do.

A Second Philly Whitewash - Habs and Habs Fans Searching For Answers - Habs Eyes On The Prize - When the debate comes down to whether or not to play Benoit Pouliot to save your season... things are not going well.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Major League: The NHL Edition Jobu still can't hit a curveball, though.

Wild News:

Season-ticket conference call updates; Wild free-agent thoughts | - Nathan had this last night, but here is a reminder. Russo with thoughts on free agency.

Enjoy your Wednesday, folks. It's the middle of the week. You weekend lovers are almost there. Keep plugging away, you'll make it. Or you won't, and they'll find someone else to do your job. Either way.