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Alexander Frolov - Available Free Agent

The Antti Miettinen of the Los Angeles Kings, Frolov somehow remains on top lines despite not putting up top line numbers. Vilified by the media and Kings fans alike, Frolov is an option if a team is willing to put up with an attitude and streaky production. He is another big man, unwilling to use his size to his advantage.

Do the Wild need Alexander Frolov? Does he fit the system? So many questions, the big question is, is it too many questions?

Alexander Frolov

#24 / Left Wing / Los Angeles Kings



Jun 19, 1982

2009 - Alexander Frolov 81 19 32 51 -1 26 5 0 1 0 182 10.4

Current Cap Hit: $2.9 million

Nathan: The biggest argument against Frolov is that Twitter d-bag extraordinaire dofferdahl (MKIA on Russo's blog) is a major Frolov fanboy. That enough says to me Fuck Frolov (which is too bad, because I'd actually love to support making Frolov an offer around $3.3M, but ...).

Verdict: Mr. Know It All says ... I'm a Dick! Pass.

Buddha: Frolov intrigues me, and I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the BTE movement has gone to my head, but Richards seems to be able to get guys to do things they weren't supposed to be able to do. Perhaps Forlov could be better than he has shown. Perhaps he needs some countrymen, who knows what his deal is.

On the flip side, maybe this is the real him. Maybe he is not capable of more,a nd maybe giving him a chance is throwing good many after bad. Too many questions for a guy that is not a finisher to begin with. The Wild don't need him.

Verdict: Money can be better spent somewhere else. Pass.

JS: This guy has pretty much underachieved his entire career, but a change of scenery could do him good, but you have to think he's got a "buyer beware" tag stuck on him. He SHOULD be capable of more than 51 points in 81 games, but what would the price be? If we REALLY want him, we'll have to pay some big bucks, so it wouldn't be favourable, but he's probably the best winger available that's not named Ilya Kovalchuk. In fact, signing Frolov would be putting all our eggs in one basket, unless we free up some cap space by trade, which is unlikely. Frolov should probably the last option the Wild would consider. Also, he's a left winger, and we're preferably trying to fill Mittens' spot at right wing.

Verdict: 2 year, no more than 4.5 million per year