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Wilderness Walk for 5-21-2010

Is anyone else spending this morning worrying about how to deal with 40 screaming 8-year-olds tomorrow? I am. Should be a great time.

You are all checking out our look at the free agents, right? Let us know how we are doing. We can't all possibly agree on all of these, can we?

Random Highly Educational Video of the Day:

Playoff Team Game Re-Caps:

ECF Game 3: Montreal makes it a series with 5-1 rout of flat Flyers - Broad Street Hockey - I warned them. They didn't listen.

Game Three Verdict, Habs Rapidly Gaining Ground On Non - Flying Flyers - Habs Eyes On The Prize - Man, Benoit Pouliot must be the emotional leader of this squad.

Hmmm... I really have nothing else to add here. So... let's do this. Is everyone on Twitter? Care to share your Twitter identity?

Hockey Wilderness: @hockeywildernes (note the one "s")

Nathan: @nathaneide'

Buddha: @mnwildtimes

JS: @BubbleWild48

Talk to you all soon.