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Wilderness Walk for 5-24-2010

I believe I may have kicked babies in a former life. We had a birthday party scheduled for our oldest daughter on Saturday. Party was to run from 11:30 - 2. All week, the weather report was clear, right up until 10:30, when the report changed to include thunder storms. It rained from 11:00 until 2:15. Karma, what did I do?

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Kind of awkward? Kind of?The fact that you just spent almost three minutes explaining something that everyone and their sister already knew? Huh. More awkward that you put it on YouTube, but hey... thanks for that.


Playoff Team Game ReCaps:

Western...Conference...Champs - Second City Hockey - Despite my inability to pick with my gut, I did pick the Hawks to make the finals. I never put it down on paper, and I certainly did not pick them in the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge, but I did pick them when people asked me. Congrats to the Hawks. Well deserved.

San Jose's season comes to a close as Chicago advances to the Stanley Cup Finals - Fear The Fin - Let the questions begin.

KiPA's Korner:

KiPA seems to have moved into a corner, we may never hear from him again.