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Wilderness Walk for 5-27-2010 (Kind Of)

Since the NHL and it's television "partner" NBC have seen fit to leave the hockey fans of the world without hockey until Saturday, the Walk gets a bit creative today. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it gives you all something to talk about.

Funny Videos of the Day Two Days Ago:

These videos were part of the Puck Daddy Eulogy for the Canadiens. Please enjoy, if you haven't already, or even if you have.

The Original

The Down Goes Brown / Bloge Salming version.


Two Blog Posts to Make you Think:

Getting tough: do the Oil need an enforcer? | OilersNation - Oilers Nation discusses if they believe their squad needs the Boogeyman. Well, they discuss if their team needs an enforcer, and naturally, Boogaard comes up in the conversation. Boogey as an Oiler. Imagine it Wilderness. Please, clean up your tears before you leave.

What the Habs should do this summer " The Ryan Coke Experience - This... now this piece is pure genius. You will need to read the entire thing, but basically he believes that the Habs are going to off load a ton of salary to Chicago in Andrei Markov and the Kostitsyns for Dustin Byfuglienand Brian Campbell, further dump salary by conning someone into taking Carey Price, sign Derek Boogaard, put him and Byfuglien together on the fourth line, sign Kovalchuk for $7 million per, add Matt Cullen, "resign" (not re-sign) Benoit Pouliot (for reasons still unknown)... and it goes on and on. Basically, it reads as though someone drank a little too much of the Kool-aid at Jonestown and is still fighting the after effects.

I would like to remind everyone who wishes to post ideas on what their team should do, float rumors, discuss free agency... please visit a salary cap site before doing so. In the above example, the Habs trade $9.6 million in salary to Chicago in return for $10.1 million. Chicago also gives up the best player in the deal. For a team that is already over the cap with 10 players left to sign, how does Chicago get this one past the league?

Bob Gainey still works for the Habs, and being the only GM willing to trade for bad contracts, that leaves them out on this one.

Mind boggling stuff, folks. So... getting back on track... Thoughts? Where does Kovalchuk end up? Would you trade Byfuglien after the playoffs he has had, and is signed through next season and an RFA after that? Who would take the Kostitsyns? Have you found a way to circumvent the salary cap to make the above scenario work for the Habs?

Please, JS, keep the laughter down to a dull roar, OK?