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Wilderness Walk for 5-28-2010

One more day, folks. One. More. Day.

Not much of interest going on around the NHL. Still tons of posts out there, but nothing that has really got me to read it. Yawn. Enjoy your video and two links of the day.

Video of the Day:

Pure awesomeness from the NHL. An ad aimed at die hard hockey fans. It's about time.


Two Links for You to Poop On to Enjoy:

How about the Stars vs. Wild outdoors? - Dallas Dallas Stars Blog - ESPN Dallas - ESPN joins us in the year 2007. As @quick13 pointed out, people have been writing about this idea for awhile now. I'm just impressed ESPN figured out how to spell NHL.

Where's Johnsson?; Kid Bowman on why Hossa over Havlat; Big Buff t-shirts on sale; Hockey Day in Minnesota | - Russo checking in from Chicago, where he is covering the Cup Finals. The guy covers a team that didn't even make the playoffs, and yet somehow he still gets to cover the finals. Unbelievable. Some interesting thoughts about Kim Johnsson, though. Not good news.