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On Memorial Day, We Give Thanks



I know that there will be hockey tonight, and there was hockey we have not discussed from two nights ago, but today is Memorial Day. Please take a moment to say thank you to those that have fought and died to protect your freedoms. Also, take a moment to thank those who have served in any way. They all deserve recognition, and this is a perfect chance to do so.

If you know someone who is in the service, or served previously, post a picture in the comments if you think they would not mind. We'd like to see our heroes today.



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They were brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.
Who answered the call and gave their lives.
From times of old to times of new,
They stood watching guard the whole year through.
And now all they get is just one day,
When people fly flags and stand up and say:
"Let's remember the lives we lost,
Let's not forget what our freedom has cost."
But why only one day if they paid the price?
They deserve EVERYDAY for their sacrifice.
We'll remember the past and those who still fight,
Caught in the middle of making things right.
They all feel the pain of being alone,
Far from their families miles from home.
They never forget the danger they place themselves in,
They know what they're fighting for they're determined to win.
This day brings great pride to soldiers present and past,
They know what it takes to make freedom last.
So let's remember today but that shouldn't be all,
Remember EVERYDAY to those that answered the call.
Show your support, swell up with pride,
For those who still fight and for those who have died.
Let your flag wave the whole year through,
And show your support for the RED, WHITE AND BLUE!!!


(Apologies here for those that do not like country music.)




Thank you to every single man and woman who have ever donned the uniform of our armed forces. Know that we appreciate you everyday, not just on holidays. You make us proud. Happy Memorial Day all.