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Wilderness Walk for Cinco de Mayo 2010

Happy Mexican independence day! I'm not sure what all that means for us here at the Wilderness, but hey, it's fun to say if nothing else. Go have a couple Dos Equis (assuming you are old enough), have some chips and salsa, and... I don't know... do something else.

Al azar Wild vídeo del día:

Resumen del Juego de equipo de playoffs:

Game 3 Recap: Out Montreal'ing Montreal. Malkin, Fleury, Pens WIN - PensBurgh - Penquins compensate for lackings in game two. Byslma? Turns out he can coach.

Crosby's Edge Turns Tables On Habs - Habs Eyes On The Prize - Les habitants now are the ones who need to counter.

Sharks win in overtime, take 3-0 stranglehold on series - Fear The Fin - In the best news of the playoffs thus far, the Sharks are one game away from eliminating the Red Wings.

Wings Give Up Two-Goal Lead, Lose 4-3 - Winging It In Motown - Anyone care? Anyone at all?

Korner de KiPA:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 21: Control, control, you must learn control - What's the Spanish word for control?

Fuera de pista:

Steve Nash Calls Arizona Immigration Bill "Very Misguided" - Bright Side Of The Sun - This is way off the trail, and not meant to incite a riot here at the Wilderness. I am sure we have friends on both sides of this issue, but it is cool to me to see a team stand up for what they believe. While a professional sports franchise is not my ultimate idea of a political force of change, I do enjoy when Americans speak their minds. Good on ya, guys.

Happy independence day, Mexico. Next on the list, we celebrate Canadian independence Day... oh... wait. Never mind. (That was a joke, people... if you don't get it, you may want to look it up. If you do get it, please don't be offended.)

(UPDATE 11:25 AM - Notified by Ms. C that it is "cinco," not "cinqo." Dammit.)