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Wilderness Walk for 5-6-2010

I want everyone in the Wilderness to know that last night I had the chance to take a swipe at an old rival (via Twitter), and I passed on the chance to do so. Well, I passed on the chance to do so publicly. Twitter does have direct messages, and I think they do for just this occasion. There is a twinge of disappointment, but it will pass.

Did everyone know that Nathan is in Seattle for work? The guy travels more than a pro sports team. And to Seattle? Ouch. The closest thing to a hockey team they have is the Canucks. Sick.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

For our friends in Vancouver... this is how it's done.

Playoff Team Game ReCaps:

Bruins take 3-0 series with 4-1 win over Flyers in Game 3 - Stanley Cup of Chowder - Satan continues to score key goals. Tell me again why no one signed this guy? Oh, and Krejci's season may be over, but no solid reports as of yet.

ECSF Game 3: Bruins too much to handle; Flyers pushed to brink - Broad Street Hockey - You have to think that the Flyers are starting to question the kill first, score later mentality.

Dustin Byfuglien Beats The Canucks - Hawks 5 - Canucks 2 - Second City Hockey - That would be Dustin Byfuglien from where? That's right. Minneapolis.

Blackhawks 5 Canucks 2: Uh-Oh... - Nucks Misconduct - Our friends from the NW do not like Byfuglien. Not even a little. I would say they need to knock him on his arse a couple times rather than let him do what ever he wants, but that would just be me.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: The Playoffs, Day 22: Bullying the bullies - Bullying the the bullies. I like it. Well done.

Off the Trail:

2009-10 Rink Wrap: Eric Belanger - Japers' Rink - One of the best blogs in all of hockey is going player by player with their roster. Belanger obviously played most of the season with the Wild. See what they had to say.