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To Our Fallen Hero

Sgt_medium Patch


I would like to take a quick break from our normally scheduled lunacy to pay a special tribute to a fallen hero here in the Twin Cities.

Words tend to fail a writer at times like these, so I will do the best I can.

For those of you around the state and the area, I'm sure you have heard the story, but for those outside the area, you can find the story at any number of local news sites. The Saint Paul Pioneer Press and Minneapolis Star Tribune have extensive coverage.

The short version is this. Last Saturday, a Maplewood (suburb of Saint Paul) Police Officer was investigating a car jacking when the suspect walked up to his squad car, calmly pulled gun, and shot Sergent Joe Bergeron, killing him instantly. The funeral for Sgt. Bergeron was today, and many people across the Wilderness reading area have driven past it, or have encountered the thousands of officers flowing into Saint Paul today.

It is a true hero that puts his life on the line to protect the safety of others. Sgt. Bergeron made the highest sacrifice to his community that any person can give. For that, everyone here at Hockey Wilderness would like to offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fellow officers. We would also like to offer a profound and heartfelt thank you to Sgt. Bergeron, for his years of dedicated service doing a mostly thankless job, and for laying your life on the line to keep our communities safe.

You will be missed, even by people who never had the honor to meet you.