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Wilderness Walk for 6-1-2010

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Who would have thunk it? Hockey content on June 1st. You gotta love the Stanley Cup finals being played while it is 80 degrees outside.

Let's jump right into this.

Video of the Day:

Stick tap to both Russo and Wyh for the Video.

Finals Game Re-Caps:

SCF Game 2: Flyers Control Third, But Too Little Too Late - Broad Street Hockey  - Not good, Philly fans. Not good.

Halfway There. Blackhawks 2 - Flyers 1: Hawks lead series 2-0 - Second City Hockey
 - Best tweet of last night? After the game ended from @2ndCityHockey: "Two"

Wild News:

From @RussoStrib: "#mnwild not signing Eero Elo (145th overall, 2008), Niko Hovinen (132, 2006), Harri Ilvonen (170, 2007) by 6/1 deadline. Can re-enter draft" - A sad day indeed. OK, not really.

Off the Trail:

From @WrapAroundCurl comes this wonderful gif for all to enjoy: