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ESPN The Magazine reaches out to Hockey Wilderness

Hey there folks, remember last season when ESPN asked us to comment on the game experience and our feelings around the Wild?

Well, they're reaching out to us again

Hey Nathan,

Wondering if you and your readers would be willing to help out again for this year's "Ultimate Standings"?

In case you didn't see here was last year's write-up:

Fans still rank the arena very highly although it appears they have soured a little further on the players (while giving the coach a better ranking). Fans still seem to think the cost of a game is unreasonable, though I should note that "fan relations" still gets good marks.

Let me know if you would be willing to help out with some quotes on why that is or if you would be willing to pose the question to some ofyour readers and we would use a couple of their comments. Again, we're just trying to find out from a true fan's perspective what are some specifics that makes the stadium so great and the gameday experience so enjoyable - but also why the play on the ice and costs of the game are upsetting fans.

Please let me know if you will be willing to help out.

Thanks so much again,
Morty Ain
ESPN the Magazine

So, what say you? Let us know in comments and you'll likely end up in print.