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Ever Wanted to Save a Life?


Today, Puck Daddy's Hockey Headlines gives us a story that is must read, must respond material. I cannot imagine for a second that in today's world, there is not a way to find someone willing to step up and save this young woman's life.

What the hell is going on here, Buddha? That is what you are asking, right? Well... make the jump and find out.

Basically, Mandi Schwatrz needs a bone marrow transplant, or she is going to die. Not she might die, or she has the possibility of dying. She will die. No ifs are left, no bargaining, no negotiations. Plain and simple, black and white, right and wrong. It has come down to making a pure and simple human plea. She needs you. You. Yes... you. She needs one single person out of 7 billion to make a gesture of ultimate compassion.

You want the back story, here it is: Mandi is a hockey player for Yale University. She is a member of the hockey family. Even if she wasn't, she is a member of the human family. She needs help, and it is so simple to help that it begs the question: why haven't you already? To register to be a bone marrow donor is painless. It requires a cheek swab. That's it. You have a few extras, right? You don't need to face any needles (unless you are a match), blood, or injury.

For more info go to:

Become Mandi's Hero

All you must do is contact the National Marrow Donor Program. They will send you the kit, and you swab your cheek and send it back. Simple. Easy. Life saving.

If you are an expectant mother, you can help even more. You see, to find a match in the adult world is very rare. There are ten points they match your DNA on with that of the patient. If it is off by even one point, it can result in disaster. However, the blood from your baby's umbilical cord can be made to work with nearly anyone. Thus, you can give life twice on the same day.

I never ask anyone to do anything I would not do myself. I am registered on the donor list. Have been for quite awhile now.


See? There's even proof. So, now it's your turn. Go to and sign up. I cannot remember if there was a monetary cost, but if there was, it was negligible. From what I read of Mandi, she is not one to beg. I, on the other hand, am not above it. I beg you to register. I beg you to find the courage to be a hero, to save a life.

I'll make you a deal. You sign up, and I'll buy you a beer,or your beverage of choice. Hell, I'll buy you your beverage of choice every time we cross paths.

If you register, and you end up being a donor, I swear to you, right now in front of everyone, that I will personally buy you a Wild sweater with the name "HERO" on the back. Register today. Mandi needs you. Thousands of other people need you too.

Do it. Today.