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SB Nation Minnesota: Does it Get Any Better Than This?



Having all of the details worked out, and knowing what I need to know, it is time to unveil the newest project in the land of SB Nation. I am willing to bet that most of you have not noticed, but Hockey Wilderness is part of a much larger community called SB Nation. There are blogs about nearly every professional sports team you can imagine, and the list is growing everyday.

Some of you may have noticed the fan post from Chris Gates, the lead over at the Vikings blog, Daily Norseman, there will be a meet up in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis to celebrate the launch of the latest addition to the regional sites: SB Nation Minnesota.

Launching June 16th, SB Nation Minnesota will hopefully become a new part of your daily sports blog reading. There you will find links to some of the best stories around town, all in one convenient location. All of the Minnesota sports will be represented, the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, the Gophers, and of course, the Wild.

No one is asking you to stop visiting the main team based sites. Just the opposite. We simply hope that you will stop by the regional site as a launching point, and perhaps for some exclusive posts you would not get elsewhere.

You may be asking why, of all people, would I be asking you to visit the new site. You see, when the call went out for the best and brightest, and they all passed, Nathan sent the request on to me and Chris was nice enough to settle for me. That's right folks, your main Wild contributor for the new site will be the one and only... me. Please try to look past that failing and join us each and everyday.

The other contributors are nothing short of some of SBN's best. Chris Gates, Ted Glover, and Eric Thompson from Daily Norseman, and the man, the myth, the legend that is Jon Marthaler of Twinkie Town (and about 75 other sites)

For some of you, this site may not appeal to you, as you may not be fans of other Minnesota sports teams. Keep in mind that I will be contributing unique posts to them, as well as holding my standard role here at Hockey Wilderness (in addition to other writing responsibilities, but that's another story). Game threads, team talk, all of the things you have come to expect from Hockey Wilderness will still be right here where it should be. The new regional site only looks to add to the crowd by putting everything front and center for Minnesota sports fans.

Hope to see you there. It launches June 16th. Next Wednesday. I'll share the link when it is live.