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Wilderness Walk for 6-18-2010

We won't go with a full blown walk today, but there have been some articles in the past couple of days that you should all find interesting. Hopefully you agree. I'll put them after the jump.

Also, make sure you check out the post below this one, about Mikael Granlund. That's who the Wild are going to take, so start digesting it now.

First, from Russo:

Original assistant Ramsey resigns from the Wild's staff | - His take on the decision by Rammer to walk away, and some hints at who may be interested.

Boogaard's future with Wild still uncertain | - Read the comment section on this one, if you dare. One guy actually compares the loss of Boogey to the loss of KG by the Wolves.

Fletcher sees trades as avenue to improve | - Trades to improve the team? Man, I like the sound of that.

From the Pioneer Press:

Tom Powers: Minnesota Wild's task: no repeat of last season's bad start, finish - A relatively readable article. Pretty basic for most people who would be reading HW, but still, good to see the team allowing someone to write about them team and get the details right. Although he says teams are asking about Harding, and Russo says no one wants him. Guess who I am going to go with?

James Sheppard signs one-year deal with Minnesota Wild - - Indeed.

Wild original taking first hockey break - - Their take on Ramsey.

From SBNation Minnesota:

Mike Ramsey Steps Down - I just wanted to throw this in here, see if anyone actually checked it out over there. It shows off a couple of the cool features of the SBN MN platform. Updating the story as it unfolds, all in one story "stream." Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Off the Trail:

Euros down, Swedes up in NHL - Post on detailing the drop in numbers of Europeans on NHL squads. They blame the KHL and the downfall of junior programs in Europe. I would blame the KHL for a minor part of it, and the complete lack of transfer agreement between the IIHF and NHL as the main portion of the problem. Why draft a player if they are never going to cross the pond?

Enjoy your day.