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Wilderness Walk for 6-2-2010

There was no hockey last night. You all noticed, right? I know you did. Rather than bombard you with funny imagery and a nice video, today you get a vocabulary lesson, an AP article, and some links to things you may have forgotten about. Enjoy.

Hey. You. Tie your shoe. Idiot.

The I'm Too Lazy to Figure Out How to Embed This, So Here is a Link Video of the Day:

Thanks to @SpaethCo for this.

Hat Trick defined. - A woman in scrubs defines the term Hat Trick.

Playoff Team Links:

Don't forget to keep up on the news about the last two teams standing.

Broad Street Hockey - For Philadelphia Flyers Fans

Second City Hockey - For Chicago Blackhawks Fans

A Friendly Reminder:

ESPN The Magazine reaches out to Hockey Wilderness - Hockey Wilderness - Make sure you comment about your team. It is going to end up in the hands of EPSN the Magazine, and could very likely be published.

Wild Semi-News:

MN Wild Official Draft Page - Usually these pages from the Wild end up being much ado about nothing. As of right now, it looks like a nice window dressing of a press release. Maybe that changes.

Off the Trail: The Best Place for Minor Hockey News - The CHL and IHL are merging. What does this have to do with the NHL? Likely nothing, but it is still fun to watch the goings on in the lower levels of hockey.

Sid the Kid's golden shot, nail-biting playoffs enticing fans to give NHL another look | - While I am impressed with the fact that the AP actually wrote a full length article with quotes and everything, the Olympics did nothing to boost the NHL ratings. Due mostly to the fact that NBC blew whatever momentum they had.

Walter's Perspective: Understanding Hockey - - Your final vocabulary lesson of the day. Who knew the term "wrist shot" was so confusing? (stick tap to @wyshynski)