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Guillaume Latendresse at L'antichambre, part 3

Hey Wilderness! Happy belated Father's day to all readers who are also fathers. I've got some bad news... L'antichambre removed the G-Lat interview to make way for their newer vids. I didn't even get the chance to finish the translation for you, we can't watch the vids I had already translated and it bums me out :( ...

I will however write from memory what the vids were about, and I will tell you a couple of fun facts about our man Latendresse.

Make the jump for the... semi-conclusion to the G-Lat interview!

If you remember well, I said that there were two vids left to translate. They were shorter than the two others but basically, the first one was about G-Lat knowing for about 3 weeks before the trade that he was going to be traded for Benoit Pouliot. The second one was simply to talk about L'omnium Latendresse, Guillaume's golf tournament to raise money for charities. Let's talk about the first vid:

Guillaume Latendresse knew that he was going to get traded. Apparently, the trade was supposed to happen about three weeks earlier than it actually did (too bad! Imagine having Lats for three extra weeks! It would've given the Wild the boost they needed in October, and maybe we could've made the playoffs! But I digress...). He said that he thought the negotiations may have hit a snag and that's what caused the delay, but basically, he already knew he was Minnesota-bound.

When Bob Gainey called Lats to tell him about the trade, Guillaume knew right away, so before Gainey could say anything after ''you've been traded'', Lats said:

 - ''To Minnesota for Benoit Pouliot right?''

So Gainey said:

- ''Right, your new team is going to call you with more details. Good-bye and good luck''

When Lats said that, right away I thought to myself ''Whoa, how cold! No ''Thank you for your years with the organization'', no explanation, no nothing. Just bye, good luck.''

Maybe Lats already knew all the details, but he didn't talk about it.

Since pretty much the entire organization knew about the imminent trade, it just may have caused another decline in Lat's ice-time and overall performance, and with reason. He was just waiting for it to happen, wondering when or if he was leaving that pressure-cooker.


The second vid:

I almost told you entirely what it was about earlier. Guillaume Latendresse has his own annual golf tournament to raise money for various charities. Many celebrities from Quebec attend this event and L'antichambre is apparently going too, so I'll keep an eye out for it and if anything interesting happens, I'll let you know! This year, Lats is taking one of the Wild's charities instead of the Habs' charity, but I don't know which one unfortunately.


Now, the fun facts!

Did you know...:

- Guillaume once posed for a magazine targeted at homosexuals (''La voix du village'', which translates to, ''The voice of the village'')? This caused a big controversy in Montreal as people started wondering about his sexual orientation.

- Guillaume has a son, Hayden, (Happy belated father's day Guillaume! Or should I say ''Bonne fête des pères en retard Guillaume!''). Hayden however, is with his mother. Hayden's mother is former Miss Quebec Maika Desnoyers, who was also a contestant on the Miss Universe pageant. They broke up last year however, and he now forms a couple with Quebec pop singer Annie Villeneuve, who was made famous thanks to the show ''Star Académie'', which is a mix between American Idol and a reality show. Annie has a twin, Suzie, who had also participated on that show. They participated on season 1, the only season that was won by a New-Brunswicker (Whoo hoo!)

- Guillaume is the first player in the NHL to wear #84. #84 was also the only number that was never worn by an NHLer before! Funny thing about that is that he never wanted that number, it was given to him by the Habs' management. He now wears #48, and Mikael Grabovski, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, is now the lone #84 in the league (to my knowledge). Another funny thing is that Grabovski used to be a teammate of Latendresse's with MTL. Think he wanted #84?

- Guillaume was always listed as a right wing, but always played left wing.

- Latendresse has many nicknames, some of which may be new to Wild fans: G-Lat, Lats, BTE (Best trade ever), Tender, Latin Dress, LaTenderness, Gui, Guimauve (french word for Marshmellow!), Butterbean (WTF?)

- ''Guillaume'' is apparently the 42nd most popular name in Canada ( or Quebec, not clear, but very likely Quebec ), 33rd in France and is a derivation from the name ''Wilhelm'', a german name, which can be divided into ''wille'' (meaning will, as in ''the will to fight'' for example) and ''helm'', helmet.

- When Guillaume Latendresse was drafted by the Drummondville Voltigeurs in the 2003 QMJHL draft, he was drafted 2nd overall... just after Sidney Crosby. Latendresse went on to post 96 goals, 114 assists in his 3 seasons with the Voltigeurs for a total of 210 points in 169 games.

- Guillaume's older brother, Olivier Latendresse, is also a hockey player. He was never drafted. He signed as a free agent with the Coyotes in 2004. He was then traded to the Habs, but he has yet to play an NHL game.


And so concludes part 3 of the Guillaume Latendresse interview. Again, I'm sorry it wasn't the translation, but I still gave you the important stuff. There was little content on the last two videos, but the thing I'm bummed about is not being to watch the videos that go along with the translations. I hope you all liked my 3-part series, and I hope Guillaume's short time with Minnesota was the start of a long, fruitful and productive career with the Minnesota Wild!