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Let's Meet: Brad Staubitz


As you all should have read here earlier, the Wild have acquired forward Brad Staubitz from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for the Wild's fifth round pick in Friday's draft. Since we have some time to kill until Friday, let's take a look at who this guy is, what he brings to the table, and how he fits the squad.

Make the jump and introduce yourself to Brad Staubitz.

The basics:

Brad Staubitz

#59 / Right Wing / San Jose Sharks



Jul 28, 1984


Six foot, one inch, 215 lbs. Reminds me a lot of another guy I know. Me, only, you know, a professional hockey player instead of a hockey blogger. Some guys get all the luck. Staubitz is not a small individual, though he is no Derek Boogaard, either. Clearly, this is not a move to replace Boogey, but to take the team a different direction. As Russo has postulated lately, the team looks to be headed in a "team toughness" direction, and this is exactly that type of move

2009 - Brad Staubitz 47 3 3 6 0 110 0 0 1 0 24 12.5

.From the basic stats, you get the feel of who he is as a player. In only 47 games, he put up as many points as the Wunderkind James Sheppard, and one more goal. Keep in mind that Shep played 64 games. This is not a slight on Staubitz, but more a shot at Sheppard. Of course, the two of them may see some ice time together next season if Shep can't find a way to pull him self off the bottom rung of the roster.

What the stats above don;t tell you is that Staubitz is not exactly an ice time muncher, so don't expect that from him. He averaged 6:12 TOI on 9.3 Shifts per game (per His role will clearly be on the fourth line, and as that of "enforcer." He is not, as KiPA joked on Twitter, the missing piece. This is more of a minor trade, meant to add grit and toughness to the lineup at roughly half the price that Boogaard is likely to command.

According to Staubitz had twelve fights last season, going 4-2-6 in the voting. He fought some serious customers in Krys Barch, Zack Stortini, Jared Boll, and Cam Jansen, showing no one on the ice intimidates him.

You can go visit for yourself, but the reaction from Sharks fans over at Fear the Fin, but a few comments will certainly work to add to the Wild fan's vernacular. When he fights, and wins, they call it a "Staubitzing." Put that in the back of your mind for next season, if you will. They also seem to either be indifferent to this trade, or happy about it. They are claiming a victory in getting a draft pick, any draft pick for him. I can see that. I would have loved to see a pick come back for Boogaard at the deadline, but alas, it did not work out.

Switching gears a bit, we take a look at what the Wild gave up. A fifth round pick is not a high price to pay for a player with Staubitz's skill set, in my opinion. Hell, the Wild traded a sixth for Chris Simon, and the moron played six games.

Who have the Wild drafted in the fifth round you ask?

2000: Maxim Sushinski (San Jose picked Michael Pinc)

2001: No pick (SJ chose Tomas Plihal)

2002: Armands Berzinds (SJ chose Kris Newbury)

2003: Marcin Koluz (SJ chose Patrick Ehelechner)

2004: Jean-Claude Sauer (SJ chose Steven Zalewski)

2005: Anthony Aiello (SJ chose Taylor Dakers)

2006: Niko Hovinen (Ashton Rome)

2007: Cody Almond (SJ No Pick)

2008: Eero Elo (SJ chose Julien Demers)

2009: No Pick (SJ Phillip Varone)

So... the conclusion is: The Wild gave up nothing to get a role player. It adds up as just fine to me. They get a much, much cheaper version of the enforcer role, a solid fourth line player with a tad of offensive ability (and by that I mean he scored within the current Presidential administration), and a player who adds a small amount of intimidation factor if it is needed.

What say you Wild fans? Are you happy, or at least OK with this? We all can put two and two together, and this does spell the end of the Boogeyman era. Please keep that in mind when rendering your decision. This is your new tough guy, does it suit you? Thoughts? Gripes?

Hopefully there will be some more news before Friday. If not, enjoy this, and enjoy the NHL Draft previews.