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NHL Draft Prospect Preview: Jack Campbell

We're closing in now. Friday is just around the corner. We're down to just a handful of prospects left as well. Coincidence?

Today's post looks at the top rated goaltender, Jack Campbell from the US NDTP. Profile:

Jack Campbell
North American Goalie
Final Rank:  2 Midterm Rank:  2
Position:  Goalie Catches:  Left
Height:  6' 3" Weight:  175
Born:  January 9, 1992 Hometown:  Port Huron, MI
Born in:  Port Huron, MI, USA

Nathan: This is a fantastic goalie. Seriously, Campbell is a franchise-type guy. Unfortunately, the Wild already have two in Niklas Backstrom and Matt Hackett, so I'm not even going to bother with an analysis other than to say that if the Wild draft him, I'll eat my hat.

Buddha: Not quite sure how CSS has him ranked as the #2 NA Goalie, when everyone else has him as the best goaltender by a long shot, but hey, what do I know? This kid has the making s to be one of the best goaltenders in the league, and passing on him at any draft position may come back to haunt more than one team. A solid bet at #9, as it would give the Wild two very good goaltending prospects which we all know take a few years to develop properly. If drafted, and if Hackett turns out to be who he should be, the Wild could have a solid trade piece.

It is certainly going to be tempting for the Wild at 9 if Campbell is still there, and I would not be shocked in the least to see him selected.

JS: The back-up goalie that saved USA in the WJC against Canada and won them the gold medal. Campbell has been compared to Carey Price in that he has the potential to be a franchise goalie in the league. However, if the Wild pick him at #9, I think it just might be worse than drafting a d-man! We're just fine in net, even if we do end up trading one of our goalies. Campbell has good size, a cool head and can handle rough situations. He signed with the junior powerhouse Windsor Spitfires, which is good, since it'll give him time to develop into a prime goalie in the NHL. Again though, we have to hope we don't draft him, not because he isn't good, but because we don't need a guy like him right now.

Circular Theory: Here's a guy I don't understand the love. I believe he is a good prospect but do not think should be in the same class as Johansen, Niederrieter or Connolly. He is technically sound and posses impressive athleticism. He is also very cool under pressure and impressed during the recent NHL scouting combine. However, when I saw him during the WJC, I believed some goals he left in, he should have saved. But nonetheless, he is a very good prospect but at #9, I rather the Wild invest their pick in a forward prospect.